The Only Alice

The Only Alice was established in 2007 as a contemporary fashion brand rooted in Hong Kong. We worked on the basis of creativity and responsibility, and fused with a positive attitude. Our main products are apparels, bags, hats, accessories, shoes etc., and we have already widely won the trust and praise by the majority of customers.

TOA established a modern fashion brand style and strive overall harmonization of simple but elegant taste together with the delicate embellishmen. But again on the basis of simple innovation designs, TOA emphasizes strongly on the identity of the brand and keeps the consistency.

Brand Identity

Simple and chic style, authenticity and easy-going living are at the heart of our brand's philosophy. We aim at offering you the most unique, trendy and stylish contemporary fashion that defines the new generation's women -- dare to try, dare to change and dare to dream. Under this aspiration, we are making every effort to let all the ladies to be confident and charismatic by wearing our brand.