The Only Alice upholds the perfect blend of lifestyle and trends. Over the years, The Only Alice has encountered with many customers and has given much attention to details of their needs, going through variety of styles and aesthetic research, The Only Alice has created a design method that could best suit a women's trendy nature.


The Only Alice endeavours a service-oriented mission to provide our members with the latest worldwide fashion trends locally. Equipped with the best production environment, The Only Alice is dedicated to provide members the best shopping experience and after-sale service. The Only Alice understands the needs of a women and has adapted all essential elements in series of modern everyday outfits.




The Only Alice established a modern fashion brand style and strive overall harmonization of simple but elegant taste together with the delicate embellishment. But again on the basis of simple and innovative designs,The Only Alice emphasizes strongly on the identity of the brand and keeps the consistency.


The Only Alice covers a wide range of styles that suits from white-collar career women to active sporty girls as well as mature and charismatic office ladies, however The Only Alice holds the unique characteristics that brightens the elegance from the designs.